Estate Planning is a process that deals with many interconnected and complex bodies of tax laws, and property law, but in the end, it is a process of listening to the client and being responsive to their vision and aspirations. At Provenzano Law, we pride ourselves in creating personalized estate plans which bring our clients’ concerns and vision to life. We also sensitively and efficiently handle estate and trust administration matters providing our clients with personalized advice and cost-effective services.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trust Services are the central focus of our practice. We strive to provide Estate Planning Services designed to implement your family’s special concerns and unique needs. Our plans help you manage and preserve your wealth, avoid death taxes, and help manage health care decisions to assist in securing your family’s future. We sensitively advise and assist in the probate of estates and the administration of trusts, preparing court petitions and filings, and estate tax returns and executors’ and trustee accounts.